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Conference Programme 2019

  1. 30 mins
    The proposal to strengthen Europe's ability to deal with natural disasters is a central part of the President of the European Commission’s work programme. RescEU is a concrete example of President Jun ...
  1. 30 mins
    The presentation on "strengthening disaster resilience in Europe" provides an overview of the activities of the European Union in the field of civil protection from the perspective of local and region ...
  1. 30 mins
    Mr. Chapagain will highlight the impact of climate change on people and how humanitarian work has been affected. He will comment on how climate change is causing extreme weather patterns, including he ...
  1. 35 mins
  1. 30 mins
    Colonel Grohin and chief pilot Pierre Chicha will expose the French general strategy established since 1994 that funded on four principal objectives:  prevent fires suppress fire exclusions at their i ...
  1. 30 mins
    The presentation will introduce what SECOAS is. It will present the different trainings we do, including a video detailing the different activities. The presentation will give our plans for the future ...
  1. 60 mins
  1. 20 mins
    Through our years of experience in Aerial Firefighting we’ve identified needs in the industry that haven’t been addressed previously. As a company we’ve been researching developing new possibilities t ...
  1. 20 mins
    In this presentation, Mr. Bergeron will outline the advantages related to aerial fire fighting with amphibious aircraft with a focus on the famous CL-415 and the next generation, the Canadair 515.  Af ...
  1. 20 mins
    Research is a vital, yet often overlooked piece of Aerial Firefighting. In Canada a non-profit research organization, FPInnovations brings industry and government together through its Wildfire 0perati ...
  1. 20 mins
    Norway has vast experience in using helicopter as aerial means in wild land and forest fire fighting. Our wild land firefighting concept includes helicopters on call during our normal forest fire seas ...
  1. 25 mins
  1. 30 mins
    The Hellenic Fire Corps is the national agency of Greece for fire and rescue service and it is part of the Ministry for Citizen Protection. Its mission is to provide safety for the citizens and their ...
  1. 30 mins
    The presentation will be around issues of using aerial assets and how this has been overcome in Wales. The UK is not traditionally recognised as having a wildfire risk and fires generally occur in spr ...
  1. 45 mins
    Aviation is an integral part of contemporary emergency services, but is even more critical in Western Australia’s extraordinarily large and demographically unique jurisdiction.  Extreme distances, rem ...
  1. 45 mins
    In France the model of Civil Security called in many of the other countries Civil Protection is a global model of management of daily emergency and major crises. Mine clearance experts, fire brigade, ...
  1. 30 mins
    In Sweden the summer of 2018 there were extremely high fire risk values. The risks were high almost all across the country. For a very long period of time there was no rain and for Swedish conditions ...
  1. 30 mins
  1. 20 mins
    From a “humble beginning” in California on the Mendocino National Forest in 1955 the 160 gallon/606 liter “crop dusting fire bomber” has evolved in to the 30,000-73,000 liter (VLAT) Very Large Airtank ...
  1. 30 mins
    The European Space Agency Along Track Scanning Radiometer World Fire Atlas (ATSRWFA) project ( provided a global fire counting product by using data acquired at n ...
  1. 20 mins
    An introduction to Babcock Aviation and an opportunity to share some of our experience in implementing 1st Generation Outsourcing programmes. Babcock, as a large aerospace and defence organisation, wo ...
  1. 20 mins
    In a well-connected world with common problems, countries must assist each other with their fire (and other) emergencies. With the huge cost of lives and properties lost on forest fires, a well-known ...
  1. 30 mins
    The Italian Fire Department owns the biggest aerial forest fire fleet in Europe (n.19 CL-415 water-bomber planes, n.4 Erikson S64 helicopters and n.33 AB412 helicopters). For several years, the Italia ...
  1. 30 mins
    In the summer of 2014, Sweden was hit by the worst forest fire in human memory. The unusually fast fire spread came very surprisingly, and many were forced to flee their homes to escape the fire. The ...
  1. 40 mins
  1. 30 mins
    Managing (and dealing with) forest fires in Spain. Some important strategic and operational challenges for the short and long term. The aim of the first part of the presentation is to overview the pro ...
  1. 15 mins
  1. 30 mins
    In 2017 Portugal was devasted by several large fires which resulted in unprecedented tragic consequences, claiming more than 120 lives and destroying 440 thousand hectares of forest. During the year t ...










  • I wanted to congratulate you on the show, which you organized with brilliance. I have had many positive feedbacks from various contacts. I also wanted to thank you for your kindness and responsiveness to all our last-minute requests. Looking forward to working with you in the future.
  • We really enjoyed the event and Neptune and Air Spray were also positive about their experience – which justifies our decision for attending.
    BAE Systems
  • Let me congratulate the Tangent Link team for the outstanding organization of AAFF Europe 2017. It has been a great and hopefully fruitful experience. Thank you very much for your dedication and I expect to join you at future events.
    Argentinian Delegation

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