16-17 October 2023
Athens, Greece

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18 May 2022
Scientific Agenda
FirEUrisk is a H2020 European Research & Innovation Action. The project aims to develop and evaluate a novel 3-stage management strategy that will update the current approaches to fighting wildfires. The plan of action is risk-centred and will cover every relevant aspect of the issue while also considering the environmental context and socio-economic circumstances:
1.    assessing the danger and the vulnerabilities of communities and landscapes, 
2.    reducing their wildfire risks and 
3.    adapting them for a resilient future. 
Although some fires are part of the natural functioning of different ecosystems, in many cases they constitute a threat to the environment and the population. Particularly, extreme fire seasons have severe damaging effects on human lives and properties, infrastructure, ecosystems and ecological assets. Wildfires occur in many landscapes around the globe, but they now also affect some ecosystems that have no resilience to fire. When factoring in the worldwide climate crisis, wildfires are expected to be more destructive and increase in frequency in the future. At FirEUrisk, we want to address this urgent issue by developing a coordinated approach, taking into account not only the biophysical conditions associated with wildfires but also the socio-economic and political contexts, such as rural abandonment, land-use policies or forest related economies.
The project gathers 38 partners (research centres, authorities, companies and first responders) from 18 countries. It will receive 10 Million € and run over 4 years: 2021-2025.
Find out more www.fireurisk.eu 
Sebastien LaHaye, Dr - Head of Resilience Activities - SAFE