16-17 October 2023
Athens, Greece

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Fixing the Airplane While Flying It: A Governance Transformation Process

19 May 2022
Practitioners Agenda
As a brief overview, our presentation will begin by presenting the fire landscape that exists in Portugal and the events that frame our need for a system-level change. We briefly discuss the need for a transformative process that was launched with the creation of our Agency, and that stretches throughout every process of rural fire management (such as qualification, governance, public policies, decentralization, etc). Doing so led to the engagement of the critical stakeholders and entities in this new National Rural Fire System andto  implementing change without a full rupture with the previous system, hence "Fixing the airplane while flying it".
We then present the specific case for our Aerial Firefighting Fleet, focusing on the new governance system and what we pretend to attain with the changes introduced with the transformative process, such as more autonomy, higher efficiency and a more diverse fleet that caters to our specific needs.
Finally, we present some figures and numbers for 2021 fire season, as evidence of the effects of the transformative process so far, as well as our major goals up to 2030.
Soraya Imperial, Coordinator Expert - Agency for Integrated Rural Fire Management