16-17 October 2023
Athens, Greece

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Training & Operations of French CL 415 Fleet

19 May 2022
Practitioners Agenda

The main operational period is from June to October, but the activity of the French CL 415 fleet and their crews is intense throughout the year. 

As soon as the main fire season ends (usually in October) we begin the winter program which is particularly intense. 

We have to: 

•    Initial qualification of new pilots in the simulator at Milan Malpensa (IT)
•    Revalidation of the qualification for 43 pilots, again in the simulator
•    Training program for new captains and new co-pilots
•    Skill maintenance of every crews
•    Training with firefighters
•    Technical and maintenance flights
•    Various internship, etc. 

All this program is done to be ready for the fire season. 

And then, when this season is here, from June to October, we will be on duty for 2 days and off for 1 day.  The presentation will cover how we manage duties, fires, out of area deployments, etc.

Pierre Chicha, French CL415 Fleet Head of Unit - Sécurité Civile