04. December 2017
Global SuperTanker Services operates the biggest aerial firefighting aircraft in the world, a Boeing 747-400, N744ST/’944’. Initially developed by Evergreen International, Global SuperTanker acquired the physical and intellectual property rights related to Evergreen’s original Supertanker. In doing so, it integrated the existing sprayer tank system into ‘944’.
30. November 2017
Erickson Air-Crane based in Medford, Oregon, has a fleet of 60 helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. But the jewels of its crown are the 20 or so S-64 Skycranes it operates. These former US Army workhorses are deployed all over the world in the north and south hemispheres.
16. November 2017
Barcelona-based Vallfirest provides tools and machinery for firefighting, but has now developed the Leo bucket system for aerial firefighting. The Leo enhances any fire attack, generating a completely expanded and homogeneous Class A foam.
06. November 2017
Wayne Coulson, Chief Executive Officer of Coulson Aviation attended our Aerial Fire Fighting Europe 2017 to deliver a presentation on his latest aircraft - the Boeing 737-300 Fireliner and to attend the exhibition.
01. November 2017
Drone Hopper started up about two years ago. It is currently developing a family of unique UAVs. Two are being developed for firefighting, 300 litre Wildhopper and 150 litre Urban Hopper. What marks UAVs different from aircraft is that they can operate at night as well as the day.
25. October 2017
Australian company, Air Affairs was making its first visit to a Tangent Link Aerial Firefighting exhibition. The Melbourne-based company operates 14 Learjets, the largest fleet in the world and a Beech 200. The Learjets primary role is Red Air, acting as an adversary for the air force, for low level strike against Navy ships and target towing for the Defence Forces.
18. October 2017
The Tangent Link Aerial Firefighting Europe conference and exhibition, took place at Nîmes–Alès–Camargue–Cévennes Airport, to an impressive backdrop of around 30 aircraft. The event attracted 500 attendees from 34 countries, which helped to make the Aerial Firefighting Europe 2017 one of Tangent Link’s most successful events to date.
17. October 2017
The Aerial Firefighting Force Europe conference and exhibition is taking place at Nîmes-Alès-Camargue-Cévennes Airport with a backdrop of over 30 aircraft. With over 600 attendees from 30 countries, this year’s AFF Europe 2017 is one of Tangent Link’s most successful events to date.
16. October 2017
With wildfires breaking out all over Europe this summer, Christian Stylianides, the European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management, has had his hand full of late. We appreciate that he found time in his busy schedule to deliver the key-note address. He spoke of his admiration for the work the aerial firefighting community is doing, not just in Europe but around the world.