16-17 October 2023
Athens, Greece

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Columbia Helicopters, Inc.

Columbia Helicopters, Inc. is a global operator of heavy-lift helicopters and also provides maintenance support for commercial and military customers around the world. Columbia was the first successful helicopter logging company, and is a national leader in selective timber harvest by helicopter. It also engages in the transportation of construction materials, such as power line towers, pipelines, rooftop HVAC units, steel, and ski lifts. Other flight operation projects include military support operations, petroleum exploration support, and aerial application of water and chemical retardants on forest fires. In addition, Columbia Helicopter offers depot-level maintenance service to aircraft and components to customers around the world. Services offered include engine maintenance services, aircraft transmission repair and overhaul, hydraulic component overhaul services, avionics and electrical systems installation and repair, sheet metal work, non-destructive testing, and painting. 


14452 Arndt Road NE
United States
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