16-17 October 2023
Athens, Greece

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David Joubert

David Joubert

President, Kepplair Evolution

David Joubert is an airline Pilot with more than 15 000 flight hours on Airbus A320 and Boeing B777. Very curious and always seeking for new expertise, David has been involved in many different type of projects (technical, artistic and business). He has consolidated his standard and scientific knowledge with a solid training in art and crafts. 

In 2009, after a flight to LAX, and the discover of Evergreen Super Tanker, he decided to create the first European VLAT. He founded Kepplair Evolution in 2012 after gathering a team of highly skilled experts  able to create the best conditions for success. For the last 10 years, David has been sharing his time between his family, long haul flights and his project.