16-17 October 2023
Athens, Greece

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David Martin

David Martin

Project Manager, Pau Costa Foundation

I am an environmental scientist with a strong interest in wildfire management. My areas of specialisation are biodiversity management and integrative wildfire management, the latter concerned with both the ecological and the operational management of wildfires. I have worked as a researcher in the field emergency evacuation modelling at the University of Greenwich (UK), contributing to the development of evacuation simulation models applied to wildfire hazard situations. In addition to this, I have developed my professional career in the field of wildfire management in several countries such as Lithuania, UK or Australia. Since 2019, I work at Pau Costa Foundation (Spain) as a project officer where I am mainly involved in the area of R+D+I projects. As a researcher, he has been involved in various EU projects such as FireEfficien, Geo-Safe.