16-17 October 2023
Athens, Greece

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Iliana Korma

Iliana Korma

Business Development Director, International Emergency Firefighters

My name is Iliana Korma and I was born in Athens, GR. I studied Applied Mathematics and Informatics in Paris in the University PARIS 6 (Maitrise, 2000). I am a fluent speaker of 4 EU languages and I also have a degree in Informatics. My first job was in August 2000 at the French public arm industry GIAT INDUSTRIES and since August 2002 I have been involved in European Projects until today. 

Since July 2020 I am living in Greece and France (Limoges) and I work for the French company Pompiers de l’Urgence Internationale (PUI France), International Emergency Firefighters. I am the business development director of the organization managing 6 EU European Projects.