16-17 October 2023
Athens, Greece

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Ryan Becker

Ryan Becker

Chief Executive Officer, Becker Support Services LLC
United States

Mr. Ryan Becker has had the privilege of serving the aerial firefighting profession for 23 years. As CEO of Becker Support Services, he works directly with government and industry on implementing technology, management and training solutions for today's problems. As a mechanical engineer and program manager with the United States Forest Service from 1999-2019, Mr. Becker managed the drop tests of the MAFFS, 747, DC-10, Neptune and Minden BAe-146, Aero Flite RJ-85, and Erickson MD-87, in addition to several single-engine airtankers and helicopters. He managed the Aerial Firefighting Use and Effectiveness study for its first five years before pursuing private industry opportunities in aerial intelligence, technology integration and training development.