16-17 October 2023
Athens, Greece

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Soraya Imperial

Soraya Imperial

Coordinator Expert, Agency for Integrated Rural Fire Management
Soraya Imperial is a Coordinator Expert with the Portuguese Agency for Integrated Rural Fire Management (AGIF, IP), currently placed in Algarve's Regional Coordination. She holds a degree in Forensic and Criminal Sciences from Egas Moniz Higher Education School and a master's degree in Bioorganic Chemistry from NOVA School of Science and Technology.
Focusing mostly on a multidisciplinary approach to integrated wildfire management, she works closely with the regional stakeholders on the governance and planning processes associated with the National Plan for Integrated Rural Fire Management.
As a tech-oriented professional with a background as a volunteer firefighter, and a firm adept of a translactional approach to problem solving, she focuses mostly on projects that lay on the interface between technology/communities and risk/empowerment, such as data-driven decision support, changing community behaviour through arts and education, gender equality in rural fire management, among others. As future areas of interest, she’s focused on unorthodox disruptive ideas such as the leveraging blockchain technology for automatic fire detection, creating teams of “fire archaeologists” to protect cultural resources from wildfires or promoting prescribed fires through Land Art.