16-17 October 2023
Athens, Greece

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Notable Previous Delegations:

  • European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid & Crisis Management Belgium

  • Director, Global Fire Monitoring Center Germany

  • Head Combined Air Operation Centre, Civil Protection Department, Italy

  • Pilot, Sécurité Civile France

  • Coordinator, Regional South America Wildland Fire Management Network, Chilie

  • Firefighting Squadron Commander, Ministry of Defence, Croatia

  • Pilot, Sécurité Civile France


  • Fire Captain, Italian National Fire Corps, Italy

  • General Manager, National Aerial Firefighting Centre Austrailia

  • Director of Emergency Response, National Disaster Management Authority, Indonesia

  • Forest Officer/Flight Unit Operation Centre Officer, Forestry Department, Cyprus

  • Pilot CL415, Royal Moroccan Air Force Morocco

  • Chief Executive & Chief Officer, South Australian Country Fire Service, Australia

  • Fire Officer, Hellenic Air Force, Greece

  • Pilot, Portuguese Air Force, Portugal

  • Chief of Aerial Assets, Forest Fire Service Spain

  • Firefighter, Surrey Fire & Rescue Service, UK

  • Chief of Aerial Firefighting, US Air Force Reserve 302 AW, USA

  • General Manager National Search and Rescue Center UAE Officer, Ministry of Army, France

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